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JANURARY 2012 - KITTEN update

Max needed a kitten


too much partying All 4 boys and no one is crying Almost Buddies
this thing is tastey

Basket Boy Jr.


someone doesn't fit on their shelf anymore can i help you?

sleepy time with the real kitty


one of the gang snuggle buddies Guard duty
If you break it - you buy it some one keeps getting bigger

almost as big as baby bill - who is the old man of the group now "the godfather"


i see u ;)

Mad Max Loves the Nip


We weren't do'in nuthin i'm not really here - you cant see me I still fit on my shelf

We love X-mas presents - almost as much as the paper


nothing good can come from this. This thing is great - make it start blowing again THE END for now
21 october 2011 KITTEN update
here's ollie oliver on the squirrel blind, don't tell him but i think squirrel season's over

bill and ollie - sucking up for treats


all 4 boys

cujo junior


look how big olliver got. he's big enough to play with mad max well, maybe he's not quite as big as he thought.
still buddies though

this update has been inspected and approved by Big Bill - the Godfather


the new sissel upgrade to the cat pole


see ya soon



say hi to oliver


he's new...10 weeks old.

this is his first day home


he likes to climb


he loves to help in the garden


He likes the catnip plant more climbing. nap time
time for your close up!!!

helping david put these pics online


sounds like dinner

almost one of the gang


one of the gang soon...



pearl max bill on the well cover cat house


oliver escaped the garden.

max teaching Oliver fine art of cat nip mauling.

big feet bill and oliver in the garden max inspecting garden fence so the kitten won't escape
first trip into our front yard. ZOOM-ZOOM ready for action king of the garden
stalking bill the cat oliver is very helpful that tastes yuky nap time
the hunter in action

what are you doing?


can i get a little privacy? i'll be back!
see i'm back. oliver is loosing the green in his eyes every one is being good with a pushy kitten i see you.
it's not my fault, i didn't do it. billy is a good boy well everyone likes this food

the big boss man, supervising the kitten.


what ya doing? Yeah i'm cute. ssshhhh were hunting wabbits



max finally met his match

I am Not a kitten - I am a Real Boy


Feel the Love!!  
percy the opossum i think they want to come in backyard visitor the locals like craigs art
max is sure he can get one of those. it's bambi ™ so this is where the fennel went these guys turned into the swallow tails
munch munch munch

swallow tail on fennel 2011


swallow tail - just hatched - it's hanging on its cocoon unknown caterpillar
butterfly lm's flower box frog stuck to the glass on our front storm door - what a surprise. praying mantis in garden another unknown butterfly
  wasp nest in the back 40 - well not really "40" but it was out back.    
first garden 2002      
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Rags - Best mush ever Bill and loofah 3 bad boys - bills in the cupboard still bad
3 not so bad boys the big man aka Pudge Muffin some people love the camera ho-ho-horrible
i love cat nip!!! and cat naps MINE!!!! bad bad billy baroo
yes, that is a cat bed in the bathroom ready to pose on a pumpkin. Bill loves david's water. I'm in the cupboard - you got a problem with that.
is that cujo? bill loves x-mas big stretch smile
serious bill i'm not bad - i'm misunderstood. big boyd and mini pearl they snuggle on the couch
they snuggle on towels they snuggle in the window the cat house is big enough for two you scratch my back i'll scratch yours
they love the x-mas comforters from mom but most of all they love the basement Pearl - Queen of the Underworld - well o.k. the basement i'm as good as any dumb moose
king of the christmas carnival Quality control arty pic of max in action the gang at dinner
mad max - yard cat kirby likes davids water better too kirby loves a good box x-mas center piece
jabba the cat kirby the hut boyd and kirby are not snuggle buddies pudge muffin in the herb garden, well on the herb garden
baby bill the cat with loofah loofah - the boys may think there in charge, but we know better loofah loves to bake- actually loofah loves butter. loofah in the crack shack
Rags the Mush Monster pretty pearl starting to come upstairs more pearl on sofa
she loves to hunt and hide in my studio (basement) pretty girl mini pearl the end?
assorted OTHER -
really good almost local tofu really good how to cook veggie book - more of a how to do it as apposed to just recipes.    



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